Air Frying: Boon or Curse


 A healthy food habit consists of proper cleaning, appropriate washing and boiling and finally proper cooking of food. Without proper cooking, both the taste and the hygiene of the food is going to be compromised. In order to avoid this, a prim and proper method of cooking must be applied so that you do not need to compromise with the taste, look, and hygiene of the food.


What is Air Frying?


Air Frying is the phenomenon where the food is cooked by using the mechanism of convection where hot air is circulated around the food and a mechanical fan performs the function of circulating hot air around and cooking it at a high speed.  The hot air that is circulated contains fine droplets of oil that are usually sprayed around the food. This produces a crispy and crunchy outside or exterior.


The procedure gives a crispy flavor to the food and hence the food is in a fried state. This is a result of the chemical reaction called the Maillard effect, that takes place between amino acids and reducing sugar in the presence of heat.


Usually, it is conventionally believed that air fried food is healthier than deep fried food because of the presence of a low amount of calories and fats in them in comparison to the deep fried food.


Benefits of Air Frying


Air Frying has multitudes of benefits and some of them can be really helpful in your overall well being as a whole. To be very honest, Air Frying is one of the most intelligent and smart ways for the food to taste well and be relatively healthy too.

Some of the benefits of Air frying are as follows:


  1. Reduction of Fat Content


An air fried food is way better than deep fried food because of its low fat and calorie content. As a matter of fact, about 30 percent of more fat content can be found in a fried chicken breast than that of in a roasted chicken. In fact, it has also been claimed by certain manufacturers that about 75 percent of the fat content of fried food can be cut down by the air frier.

Deep fryers are in the procedure of using up to 50 times of extra oil than that of the air fryers. The feather on the cap is that in spite of using less oil and calories, air fryers produce a sustainable product with similar color and texture as that of the deep fryers.


Hence, if you need to lose weight you should definitely use an air fryer. You can also consult online or offline with the best dietitian in Delhi on our platform


  1. Aids in the loss of weight


In case you are in the need to lose weight, it is of utmost importance that you switch your methods of cooking. A smart step is to switch from deep frying to air frying. As a matter of fact, deep-fried food is not just rich in fat content but also richer in calories than that of air fried food. Hence, this aids in the loss of weight.


To be honest, about 9 calories are present in every gram of deep-fried food items


  1. Reduction in the formation of Harmful Compounds


Using air frying technique, it is important to know that it lowers the level of Acrylamide, which is a harmful carcinogenic agent. As a consequence, the risk of cancer is reduced.

Air frying reduces the production of Acrylamide by 90%


Disadvantages of using Air Frying


Though there are many advantages of air frying over deep frying, it is to be kept in mind that air frying will ultimately produce fried food. The consumption of fried food, specifically on a regular basis can increase the level of cholesterol and also increase the risk of heart diseases.

As a matter of fact, regular consumption of food that has been air fried can also lead to an increase in blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. So, though air frying has considerable advantages over deep frying, yet it is important to know that this method is not absolutely healthy either.

On the conclusion, it is right to say, that air fried food or the method of air frying has a considerable advantage over dry frying. However, the consumption of air fried food on a regular basis is also absolutely unhealthy.





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