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Age is just a number for effective exercise and weight management

Hey Readers! How are you doing? Feeling Healthy and Happy? Today my blog is for those people who have stopped working out as they think that they cannot because of their age. In that case, I would like to quote a famous dialogue from Chennai Express “Don’t Underestimate the power of a common man”. By that I mean do not underestimate yourself. There are many examples set for us who have age > 40 but are fit. Milind Soman is one of them. You just need to follow a new and right approach. Do people think losing weight after 40 is difficult? Maybe It is. As your age increases, you begin to lose muscle mass, slowing down your metabolism. Your hormones keep on fluctuating wildly. You have risks of many diseases including depression, hypertension, and diabetes. Still, you can manage your weight after 40. Here are six things you should follow 40 for weight management:-

Lift Weights


Never follow anything blindly always ask why I should?  The difficulty you have in weight loss is that you start losing muscle mass. Lifting weights helps you to gain that muscle mass. For women, lifting weights have an extra advantage of increasing bone density during menopause. Lifting weights don’t give you a look of a big and bulky person. It just tightens your muscle. You achieve a slimmer appearance. See how to lose belly fat by doing exercise at home.


Again, do not follow it blindly. Always ask that for how much time I should do an exercise? Lift weights at least three to four times a week. E.g., lift weight for upper body on Monday and Tuesday. For a lower body lift weights on Wednesday. You can do these exercises at the home too. You do not necessarily need a Gym.

Eat Healthy Food


Processed foods are generally high in calories, fats, sodium, and sugar than whole grain food. Eliminating these foods from your diet will leave a great impact on your weight. Leave fad diets. Simply eat food containing whole grains. Avoid frozen chicken nuggets, grilled chicken sandwich est. do not drink sugar and soda beverages. Dairy products help to prevent weight in middle-aged women.


Do not think that you are leaving so much tasty food. Think that you are welcoming healthy and tasty food in your diet. It will then become easy for you to follow. Your carvings for snacks will vanish as soon as you start eating healthy.

Check your portion sizes


When your age increases your portion, size doubles or sometimes triples. The increase of portion size increases waistlines too. With more age, you require less exercise. However, you have a habit of eating food containing more calories.


How to decrease your portion size? Keep a food diary to keep track of what you are eating. Eat slowly by chewing your food properly. Use small plates. Avoid watching TV; you eat more while you watch TV.

Start taking long walks


It is a myth that you should do many aerobics. In fact, walking is the best exercise. It is easy on joints and engages major muscle groups in your body. Too much sitting is bad for you and will add to weight gain. Walking is a good counteract for sitting. Walking after meals also aid to weight loss and control blood sugar levels. Walking can help in easing body aches and pains.


Use online apps to track how much you walked and keep on increasing it every week. Popular fitness tracking devices like Fitbit can also be used.

Getting a good sleep


Your fluctuating hormones can disturb your sleep; you can turn into an owl. These changes cause tiredness and low energy levels. Low energy level results in lower physical activities and more carving.


Create a comfortable atmosphere for sleeping. Soft light, eliminating TV and turn down the thermostat for a cool room. Make a sleep schedule that works best for you and stick to it. Eat more protein in your day for better night sleep. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before going to bed.

Manage your stress


People who stress more gain more. Not money, weight. Coristol is a stress hormone. So much of coristol affect blood sugar level and metabolic rates.


Do exercises like Yoga. It has some mood-elevating chemical. Volunteer in NGO. Do good to feel good. You will feel better about yourself. You will feel like you have done some accomplishment.

Hope you liked reading it some of the dietician’s tips are listed below. Read them too

Dieticians tips

Give Yourself Time

Everything takes time. Don’t stress if you are not losing weight or not having a healthy weight. Eat slowly and don’t be in hustle. “Slow and steady wins the race”.

Early Morning Cardio

Try going on jogging before breakfast to take full benefits of morning hours.

Bedtime Snack

Drinking a Protein Shake before sleeping helps to kick start your metabolism.

Planning is a key

Be prepared with a plan of what to follow and what not to follow.


It is the best to exercise and help in easing knee pain and back pain. It is a heart-healthy exercise too.

Eat more fish

Fish are great for cardiovascular health and are protein rich.

Eat more vegetables

Fill your plates with veggies and avoid high-calorie food.


Age is just a number. Nothing is impossible. Have Patience and keep on following a customized diet plan. If you need one, Contact us. Stay tuned for more healthy tips. Till then remain happy and healthy.

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