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7 Steps to Avoid Your Migraine Triggers

            7 Steps to Avoid Your Migraine Triggers

Having a good day and suddenly to ruin your mood come to the much-dreaded migraine attacks. Migraines are the most common yet the most troublesome experiences for any individual. As we move into sedentary and tech-savvy lifestyles, we are much more inclined towards chronic and low-key problems like migraines. Migraines are headaches of different intensities mostly affecting people who must be sensitive to sensory afflictions like bright light and consistent loud sounds. Those sharp piercing pains can ruin any time of the day; here are some steps to avoid migraines through some minor lifestyle and habit changes.

However, the causes of migraines differ from person to person paying heed to the likely causes can help mitigate the problem. Some people may detect allergies or stress as the causes and can work to effectively reduce the symptoms.

Keep it moving

The human body is meant for frequent locomotion and keeping it laid back for routine periods definitely makes the body less immune to changes. We should regularly exercise our body so that all the normal functions of the body are restored. Though it necessarily does not show effects immediately but in the long run, our body becomes stronger and the possibilities of having a migraine are reduced.

Sleep and Meditate

Apart from exercises and physical work by the body, it is equally necessary to give our body enough time to relax. With lives becoming increasingly busy, we neglect our body very easily. However, it should have been the most important part of our priority lists. Neglecting all those little signs our body shows through migraines and fatigue means our body is overstretching its limits and we need to give ourselves a break from daily hustles of life (learn why you should have your complete sleep?).

Setting the clock right

It should not be a wonder if someone says that our body has its own natural clock. Human bodies are not machines and the adage ‘Early to bed, early to rise’ is not an over exaggeration either. If our body’s’ natural clock goes in sync with the natural environment, we are giving it the time to adjust and work in perfect balance. People, who are regular and in maintained routines tend to stay healthier than the rest, is a correlation I do not need to emphasize over and over, right?

Watch what you eat

While ‘You Only Live Once’ is a much-celebrated idea amongst foodies and junk eaters, it is necessary to know that in terms of reception to outer toxins and problematic adulterated foods our body becomes much more sensitive. Keeping a check on our intake is essential even if we want any exercise or regimen to work out properly. For migraines, avoid too heavy or junk foods because they are things your body is not used to frequently. Pamper your body; it is not someone else’s task.

Stay happier

Emotional well-being is much more neglected than the physical needs of the body. Hormonal fluctuations are major reasons for migraines and to keep them in check, mental happiness is important. So take a chill pill, go for holidays, spend time with friends and family and do not overstress over menial things.

Stay informed about your problem

The knowledge about migraine helps a long way in curing your problems. This is because you shall involuntarily try to avoid the symptoms and make necessary changes in the habits leading to chronic disorder. Stressing yourself over the situation can further alleviate the condition and make frequent pain inevitable.

Avoid over medication

When pain becomes unbearable, medications are the last resort but overusing these elements can trigger even more symptoms in the body. In some cases, it may cause even worse situations because the body demands the quick resorts and the headaches become a constant or even a daily phenomenon.


The common frequency of migraines is the reason we should all keep ourselves informed about it and keep the triggers at bay, to our best extents. Lifestyle problems cause all disruptions in our body and making life healthier should always be the utmost priority. With subtle progress and an optimistic approach towards this problem, can help to decrease its terrible symptoms and improve our overall well-being.

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