Short Bowel Syndrome

Analysis of Short Bowel Syndrome

Analysis of Short Bowel Syndrome

(What Is It..How It Happens..What Are Its CAUSES..What Are The Dietary Guidelines..?)

The importance of a sound digestive system may sometimes be underrated. The digestive system impairments are crucial to acknowledge because they affect nearly every major functioning aspect of the human body.

Short Bowel Syndrome is one such problem within the small intestine, which leads to reduced absorption abilities of our digestive system by the small intestines. Without proper absorption and working of the intestines, our normal body functions ought to pose difficulties.

Since for perfect digestion, both the large and small intestines are crucial any inability of the small intestine can cause problems like diarrhea if left unchecked.

The reduced absorption abilities are due to a missing or removed small intestine; this naturally reduces the contribution of the small intestine towards the whole process. This problem is minimized with the passage of time however, it is essential to stick to a specific diet to cause any other mishap.

The small intestines must have been surgically removed to avoid adverse effects of other problems relating to these organs like inbuilt cancer, Crohn’s Disease or some severe injury, which must have affected the bowels. In a few cases, it is a missing organ since birth or maybe shorter than normal in size. The most prominent reason, however, is the former.

Not only does this syndrome show problems like bloating, cramping, gas, heartburn, etc. which are common to most digestive problems, it even leads to further nutrition deficiency problems like not getting enough iron or healthy fats, maybe even trouble with a certain category of foods.

Thus, the dietary guidelines should definitely be followed for such a problem. The best doctors suggest consuming foods rich in calories and nutrients thus it is essential to understand that you need to watch out what you eat.

The article further discusses the guidelines you should follow while choosing the food that you eat, in case you have been diagnosed for this syndrome.

The intensity of the problem varies – whether it’s relatively mild or highly problematic. That shall help you decide the dietary controls you should restrain yourself to avoid further aggravation. This syndrome minimizes your intestines’ work efficiency to absorb enough water, nutrients, protein, fats, vitamins, and calories and hence the victims suffer from the most common symptom of diarrhea, which further leads to dehydration and malnutrition. Thus, you need to work exactly in these areas of deficiency.

Primarily, you should drink enough amount of water complemented with minerals and salts which increase the hydration in the body. Rehydration in the form of oral intakes is necessary. Moreover, drinking water during a meal will increase the chances of diarrhea and improper absorption of food. Along with this, supplements help the body gain former strength and nutrition, which is so rapidly losing. Water thus remains the most important as always however high sugar items, which remain a culprit most of the time, should be avoided. Also, since loose watery stools are common, people should avoid food items that aggravate this process like fiber items and oxalate intake which may lead to diarrhea. Namely, items like juices and sweet foods should be avoided. Also, high-fat foods never do any good. The digestive system should be subjected to as simple food as possible because the ability of the body to break down and utilize the correct nutrients has reduced. More items to generally avoid are – strawberries, nuts, wheat bran, tea, etc. which contribute to the problem. Food items like bananas, rice, and yogurt help to minimize the issue. The body calls for nutrients it is losing and therefore you should make it a point to include multivitamins and supplements properly in the diet plans. While consuming meals throughout the day, one should make it light but frequent so that the metabolism does not experience sudden subjection of the various food items the small intestines cannot comprehend.


This is relatively a rare condition and therefore the diet plan is also restrictive. To reduce the symptoms, one necessarily needs to check the type of foods consumed and plan things according to the challenge the body has posed. In the long run, with the help of small, frequent, simple sugar and fats and low oxalate diet definitely makes the diet plan effective to battle against this problem.

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My father was having a similar problem, and your article was extremely helful and informative for me. It has taught us about leading a healthier lifestyle.