Dietician vs Nutritionist

Whom to trust Dietician or Nutritionist ?

Dietician vs Nutritionist

Hey Readers! How are you doing? Feeling Healthy and Happy? Today I will describe the difference between Dietician and Nutritionist. Yes, they are different. We often use these terms interchangeably but they are different. These two professions are related to each other but they have many distinct qualities. Let us Proceed.

About Dietician

The word Dietician is used by people for someone who generally gives diet plan. A dietician is considered to give you a diet, which is supposed to be very strict. People think the diet will be very bland, boiled and distasteful food. However, a nutritionist is considered lenient. People think nutritionist will not prescribe strict diet plans and be very generous in giving diet and meal option. Both these notions are technically wrong.

A Dietician is a professional who has studied Nutrition/Dietetics or Home science in Graduation and has done a course in (3+ 1) form of education with a certain internship in a big hospital. In short, a dietician is a trained professional and is subjected to professional regulation. Dietician earns the degree through B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D.

About Nutritionist

A Nutritionist on the other is a self-taught individual who guides a person on the eating habits. A nutritionist can be anybody who has some knowledge about food and health. Diploma and certificate courses help one to become a nutritionist. All dieticians are a nutritionist but not all nutritionist are dieticians. The dietician is trained to apply medical nutrition therapies on diseases and hospitalized patients. Let’s see How to become a Registered Dietician

How to become a Registered Dietician?

To become a Registered Dietician, a dietician has to clear the RD exam conduct by the governing body in that particular country. However, Nutritionist is not even eligible to apply for this exam. To become a Registered Dietician, you should:

  • Have a bachelor degree with a focus on dietetics
  • Completion of an accredited 6 to 12 month supervised a training program
  • Passing a national examination conducted by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

General Role of Dietician

Basically,the role of Dietician is more regulated than a Nutritionist. Anyone can study about health and nutrition but their certain certifications and license needed to become a Dietician.

Dietician arranges food and eating plans to promote healthy eating habits and cure illness. Dieticians can either work in hospitals, clinic, and other health care facilities. Dieticians can also teach in colleges and universities about health and nutrition. Dieticians can also opt for practicing. They can go for private practicing. The would have more creative options to help others as well as increase their own knowledge.

General Role of Nutritionist

The nutritionist is not regulated as Dieticians. They can be broader or general. The title is not trustable; it can be used by anyone. It does not require any proof of qualifications. Nutritionists are not professionally trained and should not be involved in treating any disease.

There are nutritionist certification boards, which require applicants to have a degree along with some practical experience before taking the certification exam.

A nutritionist who passes this exam can call himself or herself a certified nutrition specialist (CNS). This is a protected title.

Who are Food Scientists?

Surprise, a new term. However, Yes, Some people call themselves that too. So what is that? Food Scientists work for food manufacturer, retailed, business or public health promotions. So many nutritionists work as Food Journalists too. Food scientists are professionals who focus on research in food production. If you want to know, how food quality is managed and what is the science behind our health. You should opt for this career.


So here, we are at the end of this blog. I am concluding that just because someone calls them a “nutritionist”, “health coach” or “wellness consultant” online. It does not mean you should blindly trust them to make your food choices or guide them through your weight loss. Instead, you can go for dietician’s tips. If you do not want to spend that, much money or you can opt for a free consultation too.

Hope you love reading this blog. Stay tuned for more healthy tips. Till then stay healthy and happy.

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