10 Effective ways to reduce visceral fat



While any type of fat in excess is harmful, the most undesirable to deal with is the belly fat. Belly fat is a disaster to look at and along with the consciousness in looks, it also is the most harmful amongst all the categories of fat, medically known as visceral fat.

The bad news is that visceral fat is the most harmful for our body and sadly the most common.

The good news is that with a proper and strong conviction, you can definitely fight with it.

It is a common convention to say that less active lifestyles and a lazy approach towards work have mostly contributed to the fat. However, this may be partially true the most important thing is that it is not dependent only on a single factor – your genetics, your workplace habits, your diet, the environment, and mental health, etc. all gravely affect the physical aspects of your body. While overall body fat is mostly a genetic disturbance and too difficult to treat, nothing is impossible and even visceral fat (which is mostly an indication of our bad habits) can be dealt with the proper diet and lifestyle changes.

We can never emphasize the importance of a healthy and fit body enough but all of us know how adversely our body fat affects our metabolism and heart health majorly among all others. Visceral fat surrounds the abdomen area and covers parts like the liver and organs surrounding thus affecting them in the worst possible way.

The dangerous part is that people with normal BMI’s have this problem of visceral fat too and thus weight is not the only indication of a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle in a sole manner.


All of us have the binge eater within us which gets worse and overdramatic on several bad days. Chocolates and sugary foods become our refuge and beverages become our daily partner. In an attempt to comfort ourselves emotionally, we forget our physical boundaries and the price has to be paid by our body. Without realizing that the small choices and steps go a long way in affecting our bodily functions, we consciously or unconsciously take steps like weekends only partying, skipping the gym and avoiding healthier meals on a regular basis. Nobody needs to be told how difficult the body finds to digest and eliminate the extra sugar and fat from the body which naturally finds no other place but to add to the visceral fat in our body.



Most of us are working days and nights at a stretch and in this scenario, we often neglect the fact that our body cannot deal with the constant useless consumption of foods often readymade and purchased from food outlets. They may be tasty and easier to obtain without wasting much of our so-called precious time, they act as enemies in the long run. The high amount of trans fat and processes fats in fast foods and the useless preservatives our body has to deal with daily becomes another major reason for belly fat in an excess amount.





Our choices make us, every time we choose an elevator or escalator even when we don’t need to, we are consciously or unconsciously going one step closer to an unhealthier body. The shifting of labor work to more desk related jobs has exponentially increased the problems our body has to deal with. These little choices of every day (putting comfort and short term joy over long term happiness) is another major factor why we suffer from visceral fat problems.



The quality of foods (even if we try to eat healthier) has deteriorated day by day. In an overly increasing profit oriented world, people would go to any lengths to earn that extra bill. Adulteration is a crime but it has seeped into the food industry so badly that we cannot avoid it totally. Nearly every second item we eat may have been processed synthetically and thus the nutrients especially the protein intake has definitely deteriorated by a large amount. This change has also greatly contributed to our belly fat lifestyles.



Science and several body specific studies have concluded that the body type affects our deposition of belly fat too. Some bodies have a tendency to storing more fat amount than others. Also, women are more likely to add up more visceral layers due to the interfering reproductive systems. Women at menopause and with problems like PCOS are majorly affected due to obesity and the common champion for this is belly fat.


  1. STRESS –

Mental Health is extremely underrated and the stress has definitely elevated as we enter the next millennium. Stress affects the production of cortisol which in turn affects our brain and delays its response, affecting metabolism. A slow metabolism, in turn, affects abdominal fat.



A problem carried down the genetic chain is the most difficult to deal with. The risk for obesity increases manifold if your ancestral lines have a higher chance of carrying forward that momentum.



Not getting enough sleep leaves the body in an unpredictable state and thus the chances of slow metabolism increase and thus worsen the state of the body fat.



Decreased immunity and strength of the body leads to worsening of the state of the bodily functions thus being another factor in the addition of visceral fat.



Last but not least, hormones affect nearly every part of the body. An overproduction of hormones leads to an imbalance in the body. This imbalance is most indicative as belly fat.

Thus, by altering our food choices and and lifestyle from fast food and sedentary to healthy food and an active lifestyle we can easily achieve our goal of loosing all that excess fats from the body.

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